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Certified Pre-Owned Inventory Near San Juan, Puerto Rico


When it comes to finding your next vehicle, your heartstrings may tug you one way while your budget pulls you another. The search for a vehicle that gives you the most value for the best price is always the main goal of any car search, and that's why we at Flagship Volkswagen maintain an inventory of Certified Pre-Owned vehicles for your selection. Our inventory consists of several certified pre-owned Volkswagen models that vary in trim, mileage, and price, as well as several other certified pre-owned vehicles that vary by make, model and price. Through this variety of performance and comfort levels, we hope to provide you with the certified pre-owned vehicle that best fits the specific needs and desires of your lifestyle.

What is a Certified Pre-Owned Vehicle?


A certified pre-owned vehicle is a specific type of used vehicle that meets a certain number of requirements. It's still under its original warranty, which means it's only a few years old at the most with only a certain number of miles recorded. It also needs to pass a rigorous certification inspection for quality undertaken by the specific brand.

What are the Benefits of Choosing a Certified Pre-Owned Vehicle?


With a Certified Pre-Owned vehicle you get most for less. Because of its age, it's bound to have several of the same features found on the new models. Since it is a used model, it's sold for less-while still retaining the same warranty-and retains its value far better, not taking the depreciation spike when it's driven off the lot.

We also have a team of financial experts at our finance center who are dedicated to working with you personally to help you find the best possible financing deal for your budget so that you can drive that certified Volkswagen home with a smile on your face. We will also give you the best possible value on your trade-in.

Find Your Certified Pre-Owned Vehicle at Our Dealership Today


We will always maintain a vast inventory of certified pre-owned vehicles, the actual vehicles listed are constantly changing as we continue to bring in trade-ins and reselling them off our lot. So, if you see a Certified Pre-Owned Volkswagen in our inventory that catches your eye, come to our dealership today and certify that it's yours before someone else does. We proudly serve all of the drivers of Puerto Rico. For more information on our current inventory of certified pre-owned vehicles, please feel free to reach out to us directly either by email or over the phone.