The Volkswagen Tiguan was just named one of 2020's top safety choices by the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety.* That means the luxury compact SUV from Volkswagen joins the ranks of 64 other vehicles selected for the pick. However, you shouldn't let the seemingly high number of qualifying vehicles fool you - this safety pick from the IIHS is definitely no small feat.

IIHS Safety Standards

To qualify for a pick, vehicles have to pass a large number of safety tests. To clarify, the standard Tiguan wasn't named a top safety pick—only models equipped with LED headlights and Volkswagen's Adaptive front-lighting system were eligible for the honor. That just goes to show how stringent these measures from the IIHS are; even models of the same vehicle might not all qualify for the pick.

The vehicles chosen by IIHS are judged on a number of qualities, ranging from included safety features and technology to crash evaluations and the like. Obviously, it's a comprehensive set of information that's being looked at, so there's a lot to go over.

The Volkswagen Tiguan performed well in these tests—it did well on all six crash evaluations, and its Front Assist (which is now standard on the SUV) received an especially high rating from the IIHS for its ability to help the driver stay aware of possible hazards through responsible alert systems and smart signaling.

Safety Systems

The Tiguan comes with a wide variety of safety systems - active and passive - in place, all designed to help secure all of its occupants in as efficient a way as possible. For example, it features six airbags located at certain strategic points throughout the vehicle.

The Tiguan also comes with an array of electronic systems that work to keep you safe. These include the Anti-Lock Brake System, which in the event of a rapid stop helps you slow your vehicle while staying in complete control. Electronic Stability Control (ESC) is another system that works to keep the Tigran balanced and easy-to-handle. If your traction is ever lost or hindered in some way while driving near Bayamon, PR, the ESC will work to help you maintain it.

Volkswagen's Automatic Post-Collision Braking System can also ensure safety in the event of a collision, by bringing the vehicle to a full stop as gently and smoothly as possible. If the brakes need to be applied automatically post-crash, this system will help your vehicle come to a complete stop.

Driver Assistance Features

The VW Tiguan is equipped with a number of driver assistance features, and they all help make this vehicle as usable and safe as it is. The Tiguan's Forward Collision Warning is helpful driver assistance feature, serving to alert you if an incoming collision is detected. Driver alerts are sent out through both sight and sound, so if you miss one then the other one will catch your attention.

This warning system pairs well with the vehicle's Autonomous Braking System, which the vehicle will employ if the driver isn't responsive enough in a hazardous situation. This can obviously do a lot of good, and the IIHS seems to agree!

Another driver assistance feature worth mentioning is the Tiguan's Adaptive Cruise Control, which stays aware of the traffic around you to keep your vehicle at a safe and consistent speed. Lane Keeping Assist helps keep you in the middle of your lane, so that you don't have to worry about drifting over the lines.

Finally, the Overhead View Camera gives you a bird's eye visual of your car, which is ideal for situations where you're not entirely sure about what you might be backing over. Altogether, the driver assistance features offered by the Tiguan are quite comprehensive, and they've definitely impressed us here.

Test Drive the 2020 VW Tiguan in Bayamon, PR

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