Volkswagen Active Safety Features

Volkswagen works hard to keep you and yours safe as you drive around the busy streets. That's why they've included so many active safety features to keep you safe at all times. Having these features on all the time helps you by defusing critical driving situations and prevent any potential accidents from happening. There are a handful of active safety features like parking sensors and traction control that stay on to detect danger and ultimately keep you safe.

Active Safety Features

There are five active safety systems that are on at all times including Electronic Stabilisation Control (ESC), Anti-lock Braking System (ABS), Traction Control System (TCS), Electronic Brake Force Distribution (EBD), and Parking Sensors.

The Electronic Stabilisation Control keeps you driving smoothly on the streets by detecting critical situations early on and taking the necessary actions to stop your car from skidding. The ABS works to prevent the wheels from locking when you apply the brakes in an emergency. This allows you to come to a full stop instead of skidding or even worse, spinning out of control.

Traction Control System helps you in tricky road conditions by helping you to start moving, accelerate or climb gradients. It also reduces engine output if a wheel spin occurs. It will then adapt the output to adjust to the condition of the road.

Electronic Brake Force Distribution helps you achieve maximum braking performance on all wheels. When you brake, your car's center of gravity shifts forward which reduces the grip you have on the road.

Parking Sensors are also constantly detecting the space around you so you can successfully get into a parking spot without any dings or scrapes. Parking sensors will alert you when you're getting too close to something which saves you from spending money on fixing small knocks and scratches.

Stay Protected with Volkswagen Active Safety Features

If you want to stay as safe as you can as you drive on the streets, we encourage all of our customers to go Volkswagen. Not only will you get all these active safety features but you will also get passive safety features that are available along with some optional features. Stop by Flagship Volkswagen to learn more today!

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