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Our Bayamon, PR VW Dealership Wants to Help You Take on More Summer Road Trips

As you gear up for your summer adventures, make sure that your Volkswagen car or SUV is fully prepared for everything that lie ahead. From sweltering heat to extended road trips, our cars see a lot of tough conditions throughout the summer, and making sure you’ve properly kept up with maintenance can help ensure a long, trouble-free summer of fun in your Volkswagen. Flagship Volkswagen in Bayamon is the place to go for your Volkswagen service needs, and our service specials will help Bayamon drivers save money on the most essential services as you get ready to head out for your summer travels.

VW Service Specials in Bayamon, PR

Whether you need an oil change, a brake service, wheel alignment, or new tires, our specials can help you save money on the most common and important maintenance services for your VW.

Oil changes are critical to the life of your engine, as they help prevent premature wear on moving engine parts, and aid in cooling by dissipating heat. As engine oil continues to do its job lubricating your engine, friction and heat break it down and it will lose effectiveness. Changing your oil regularly ensures that your engine is protected, even as the brutal heat of summer sets in.

Other Services to Consider This Summer

To keep you and your passengers cool and comfortable, have your air conditioning pressure checked and charged, if necessary. Over time the coolant used to bring you that blast of cool air will run low, and that lack of pressure in the system results in the unpleasant blast of warm air, no matter how cold you have the temperature set inside.

To ensure the proper cooling of your engine, your radiator and coolant should also be checked and the fluid changed regularly. Over time dirt can filter into the coolant and clog critical passageways making it difficult or impossible to properly cool your engine.

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Flagship Volkswagen is here to help you make sure all of your summer road trip go off without a hitch. Visit us today and get your Volkswagen in top shape so you can drive carefree all summer long.

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