What are Volkswagen Driver Assistance Features? Find Out in Bayamón, PR, at Flagship Volkswagen

If you have chosen to go with a new Volkswagen because you want an innovative car or SUV to drive around Bayamón, PR, we get why you picked Volkswagen. The advanced features are fascinating, especially when it comes to the driver assistance features available for Volkswagen models. Assistive amenities can be a top component to search for your vehicle because of the convenience and security that these types of features can offer.

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Volkswagen offers a varied selection of driver assistance features. For instance, you can see things like:

Adaptive Cruise Control: If your Volkswagen has Adaptive Cruise Control, the available feature can use sensors to help keep a secure distance and speed with your car from the vehicle that’s ahead of you.

Blind Spot Monitor: Are you not a fan of the blind spots while changing lanes? With the Blind Spot Monitor, the offered amenity can keep you alerted if a vehicle might be in a challenge-to-see area.

Rear Traffic Alert: Do you wish you could get alerted if there is a vehicle behind you when you start reversing your car? See about available Rear Traffic Alert!

High Beam Control: When it’s warranted, the available High Beam Control can activate the high beams to help light the way.

Lane Keeping System: You want to stay in your intended lane, and with the offered Lane Keeping System, the feature can help detect if you begin drifting to a different lane unintentionally.

Forward Collision Warning: If a front collision gets sensed, available Forward Collision Warning can get you alerted.

There are more driver assistance features that Volkswagen offers, and we would be happy to get you details on those when you contact our Volkswagen dealership. Better yet, come see our new Volkswagen inventory and see what driver assistive amenities you can discover in the models! If you want additional specifications about how features work, or you want to take a test drive, just ask.

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